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Spanish classes every week and much more to take your Spanish to the next level. Learn Spanish in a fun way and from home with  courses, challenges, interactive and video lessons. 

Challenges and courses

✅ Challenges to improve your Spanish
✅ New courses every month on grammar, vocabulary, culture...
✅ Video lessons to learning Spanish 

Spanish group classes

✅ Material before to prepare your lesson

✅ Homework
✅ Classroom in Google Classroom
✅ The WhatsApp group

✅ Recording (Video and chat)

Interactive lessons on the blog

✅ Lessons with interactive activities to improve your Spanish
✅ Downloadable documents + Infographics

✅ Video lessons to learning Spanish 

Online events

✅ Access to the BOOK and CINE CLUB
✅ Access to the masterclass + Recording + Bonus materials
✅ Interactive calendar for members

What will you find in our online group lessons ?

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    We have classes every Friday at 12 pm (Spain time) 

    We have classes every Tuesday at 8 pm and Thursday at 7 pm (Spain time)

    You will also get access to the Book Club for free!
    Club de lectura para estudiantes de español
    1 session/month

    Monthly calendar

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    Challenges and courses

    Improve your Spanish with targeted courses and challenges

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    ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? I'm Monica and I'll be your Spanish teacher at Spanish FlipClases

    I love my job and I love helping my students achieve their goals. In recent years I have specialised in DELE and SIELE exam preparation and in creating interactive content to enhance my online classes.

    I have fulfilled my dream and have turned my website FLIPCLASES into an online platform with courses, challenges, online classes and interactive activities to connect students from all over the world at the best price. There are no more excuses not to study Spanish!

    This is how the online classes work!

    Internet connection

    All you need is a good internet connection and a device to connect to it.

    You can follow and solve all kinds of exercises from your computer, tablet or mobile phone without any limitation.


    Zoom will allow us to connect in many different ways. It has interactive whiteboards, we can share and edit documents in real time and it gives us the possibility of making small work groups to make the most of our time.

    We will have a great time together!


    ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED. Every week you will have worksheets to learn vocabulary, expressions and grammar formulas. We will work with Campus Difusión interactive books which contain videos, audios and exercises to develop all your skills. Plus interactive games and much more...

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